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1  Macigewski, F. Gottfried (I8300)
2  Jefsen, Sorena C. (I8267)
3  Hille, Jobst Heinrich “Henry” (I4959)
4  Painchaud, Joseph (I1425)
5  Viola M. (I968)
6  Wrobbel, Roy C (I341)
7  Tonsing, Marie Paulina (Pauline) (I325)

Gross, Paul V. (I343)
Traveled from Bremen to Southhampton to New York aboard the Neurnberg. 
Reps, Anna Margaret (I6407)
Traveled from Bremen to Southhampton to New York aboard the Neurnberg. 
Reps, Amanda M. (I4849)
11 "After graduating from Washington School, Evan entered the Midland College Academy, and graduated from there in 1917. He attended Western Theological Seminary for one year. During World War I he served in the US Signal Corps.

Evan worked on the Globe staff for eighteen years, first as a reporter, then advertising manager.

When Evan's father Paul died in 1936, Evan's mother Ruth and brother Paul Jr. ran the printing business for a year. Evan then bought the business and resigned his positin as advertising mnager at the Globe. He also bought the Johnson Book Store and combined the two into Tonsing's Printery and Book Store.

Evan was active in St. Mark's Lutheran Church as a Sunday school superintendent, adult and intermediate choir director and as a soloist. he was a member of the board of trustees of Midland College in Fremont NE for four terms. Evan attended many Lutheran church conventions. He was Luther League secretary and president.

Evan was a member of Washington Lodge #5, A.F. and A. M. For 29 years he was a member of fleming-Jackson-Seever Post, American legion, and was the Memorial Day chairman 1942, 1943, and 1944." 
Tonsing, Evan Walker (I2122)
12 "For many years, Virginia was a buyer for Macy's, a large department store in Kansas City MO. She went into business for herself, as a manufacturer's rep for gifts and decorative accessories. The Tonsing Associates office and showroom is in Overland Park KS."

Atchison Daily Globe
Local Women Return From European Tour 
Tonsing, Ilola Virginia (I2132)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2156)
14 1/2 brother to Harry Newman Newman, Louis (I2682)
15 10 p.m. Kneüle, Maria Magdalena (I171)
16 10-11 p.m. Schall, Johann Christoph (I5170)
17 1145 Maryland Ave. Anna Christina (I3785)
18 13Sep1976: Property owned by Delores L. Huffman, Henry G. & Virginia Stokes was sold to Edinboro Company

SSN 377-32-8051
Nov 1950: Name listed as Delores Lela Stokes
Sep 1953: Name listed as Delores Lela Clare
Jun 1971: Name listed as Delores Clare Huffman
30Dec1987: Name listed as Delores Huffman 
Stokes, Delores Lela (I2399)
19 14 Jan 1771: Reports with the entry of the ships in the port of Bordeaux, France
Name and type of ship: Saint-Joseph de Plassac. Tonnage: 40 tx. Members of crew: 5. Place of the voyage: La Rochelle. Starting date: since 6 days. Go back to return: January 1771, 13. Captain: Christophe Painchaud. Cargo: Cod dries 
Painchaud, Christophe (I7057)
20 14 March1885: Emmigrated to New York, NY on the Rhein from Nurenberg Germany.

Anna Schorn had a child with Thoemmes, born 30 May 1902, Cleveland 
Schorn, Anna Altilia (I385)
21 14 March1885: Emmigrated to New York, NY on the Rhein from Nurenberg Germany.

Fought with Co. C of the 5th regiment Ohio infantry in the Spanish American war 
Schorn, Friedrich Franz (I384)
22 14 March1885: Emmigrated to New York, NY on the Rhein from Nurenberg Germany. Schorn, Eva Barbara (I386)
23 14mar1914 Painchaud, Joseph Louis Philippe (I4049)
24 1613 LeFranc, Genevieve (I7317)
25 1627: Lancashire, England Southwick, Lawrence (I8846)
26 1671: Port Royal Blanchard, Martin (I7405)
27 1693: Port Royal Brun, Marie (I7369)
28 1693:The Mines district, the River of the Ducks (Riviere-aux-Canards), Beaubassin, Nova Scotia, Canada Leblanc, Genevieve (I7377)
29 17 Feb 1766: Bordeaux, France
Reports with the entry of the ships in the port of Bordeaux, France
Name and type of ship: Marie de Blaye. Tonnage: 43 tx. Members of crew: 5. Place of the voyage: Port-Louis. Starting date: January 1766, 17. Go back to return: February 1766, 16. Captain: Guillaume Painchaud. Cargo: Cod. 
Painchaud, Guilliame (I7056)
30 1758: Becancour, Nicolet Co., Quebec, Canada Bourg dit Canique, Jacques (I130)
31 1762: prisoner at Fort Beausejour
1764: Halifax
1767: Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
1767: Cocagne
Grande Digue
1785-1790: Barachois 
Bourque, Marie-Francoise (I7257)
32 1763: Prisoner at Ft. Beausejour, New Brunswick, Canada Nuiret, David (I6549)
33 1822: Dahlinghausen Tönsing, Anna Clara (I6208)
34 1822: Linne, Wittlage, Hannover, Germany Fark, Gerhard Heirnich (I6217)
35 1827: #16, Wimmer, Wittlage, Hannover, Germany Hille, Ernst Heinrich (I6175)
36 1843: Linne 41, Barkhausen, Hannover, Germany Boehning, Ernst (I5126)
37 1851: St. Gregoire, Nicolet Co., Quebec, Canada Painchaud, Pantaléon (I1347)
38 1851: St. Laurent, Montreal Co., Quebec Gasse, Zepherine (I7049)
39 1860: Henry Guyer is living in Lebanon, Clinton Co., MI with Frederich, b. 1795 PA; Mary, b. 1798 PA; and Minerva b. 1843 MI. Henry was born 1820, PA. Gier, Emily G. /Guyer (I395)
40 1870: Bloomingdale, Van Buren Co., MI Rose, Phoebe (I162)
41 1873: Albert Tenseng, lab h. 30 Observatory, Cincinnati, Ohio Toensing, Henry (I9638)
42 1880 - Mary was in school Painchaud, Mary (I258)
43 1880 - Nellie was in school

Nellie is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Sect. 14, Lot East 95, Plot 10. Cemetery records state that she was buried March 6, 1937; church was Our Lady of Good Councel Church; funeral conducted by A H Peters Funeral Home. 
Painchaud, Nellie H. (I257)
44 1880 and 1900 census identified Charles as an “Idiot.” He could not read or write at the age of 26 Campbell, Charles (I82)
45 1880 census says Lucien was born in Ohio and his parents were born in NY under his entry. It says he was born in Massachusetts under Charles’ entry

found a Lewis Southwick living in Mayfield twp., Cuyahoga Co., Ohio in 1840 . He and his wife were between the ages of 20 and 30. They had a son and a daughter both under 6 years old. An L. Southwick with the same statistics was also found on the same page. A Samuel Southwick with a 10-15 year old male and a 50-60 year old male, a 20-30 year and 50-60 year old female was also on the same page.

Found a several IGI Individual records that shows Lucien was born in Adams, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts on the same date.

Lemuel Southwick moved from Adams, Mass., to Ohio in the spring of 1834. The two oldest boys [Jerome and Lucien] drove a team thorugh, and the rest went by canal and lake, which took about three weeks.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 11, 1865
Good Farm for Sale--75 Acres
House, Barn and Orchard--25 acres of Timber, well Watered, in Southwest corner of Euclid, eight miles from Cleveland. Terms reasonable. L. Southwick on premises. 
Southwick, Lucien (I8791)
46 1880:

1889: Married Minnie Carter in Orange, Ionia Co., MI

Detroit, 48 Chester Ave. Living with sister-in-law Caroline, b. Feb 1854. Caroline has an adopted daughter, Irene, b. May 1894 and a nephew, Hazen Winiger, b. Nov 1888. William was born Aug 1864 in Michigan. Parents born in Germany. Occupation Livery.

Oneonta, Otsego, New York, 7 Pearl St. William H. Williams, b. Jan 1869 Michigan, RR Carpenter. Married to Margaretta, b. Oct 1870, New Jersey. Son Floyd, b. Jun 1896, New York. Wrong William. This family is still living in New York in 1910.

Detroit, 136 Military Ave., William H. Williams, b. 1863 Louisiana, Railroad engineer. Son Harold F. Williams, b. 1905, Michigan. Living with Margaret Hart.

1922: Married Margaret Hart.
1932: Margaret died.

1935: Married Johanna Anderson.

Detroit, 6218 Ferry Park. William H. Williams, b ca 1866, Michigan. Wife Lottie, b. 1869, Michigan. Lived in same house in 1935. Wrong William. This family was living in Detroit in 1910. Married in 1907. 
Williams, William Herbert (I7632)
47 1880: 71 Green St., Cleveland, Ohio
1952: 3415 Woodbridge, Cleveland, Ohio 
Hille, Marie Loiuse Ottillie (I7981)
48 1880: Meigs Co., TN
John W. Stokes, b ca 1828 NC. widower
Emerce Stokes, b ca 1856 TN, daughter
Maryline Stokes, b. ca 1856 TN, daughter
Camoline Stokes, b ca 1861 TN, daughter
Martha Stokes, b ca 1868 TN, daughter
Charles Stokes, b ca 1879, TN son

A Martha Stokes was a servant for Alford Ellison in 1900. Alford was born Aug 1873 in Tennessee. He had been married twice. His current wife was Mary A. Ellison. He had a son, Franklin F. born March 1900 in Tennessee. Martha was born Nov 1872 in Tennessee. She was the mother of two children. Her daughter Eula L. was living with her, born Jun 1895. The were living in Civil District 1, Meigs Co., Tennessee. Martha was single.

1900: James Co., TN
Sally Brown, b Mar 1867 TN, single
James W. Brown, b.
Nancy A. Brown, b.
Grady Stokes, b. Oct 1892

1900: Jacob & Sarah Teeters lived in Rhea, Tennessee.
Jacob b. Oct 1849 Tenn
Sarah b. May 1861 Tenn
William, son b. May 1883
Noah, son b. Mar 1886
Jane, daughter, b. Dec 1889
Alfred, son, b. Dec 1891
Oscar, son b. May 1894

1901: Martha Stokes married Jacob Teeters 19-May-1901 in Meigs Co., Tennessee.
1909: no Teeters, Teters or Tetters.
1910: Jacob Teeters lives 412 Grant St, Chattanooga TN
Jacob C. Teters, b. ca 1852 TN
Martha S. Teters, b. ca 1869, TN wife, mother of 5, 2 living
Alford Teters, b. ca 1891, TN son
Oscar Teters, b. ca 1894, TN son
Lula Teters, b. ca 1896, TN, step-daughter
1911: Jacob Teeters lives 518 Grant St E, Chattanooga TN
1910: Jacob Teeters lives in Chattanooga, TN
1916-17: Jacob Teeters lives at 100 Aplin EC, Chattanooga TN

1920 Census, ED 213, Civil District 2, Hamilton, TN (Chattanooga?)
Jacob C. Teeters, b. 1852 TN
Martha Teeters, b. 1865 TN, wife
Albert Teeters, b. 1895, TN, son (is this Alfred b. Dec 1891?)
Lula Teeters, b. 1897, TN, daughter (Lula wasn’t Jacob’s daughter in 1900)
1921: Jacob C. Tetters lives at 116 Renshaw av EC Chattanooga with Alfred Tetters
1922: Jacob C. Tetters lives at 2208 Cheek, E C Chattanooga with Alfred Tetters.
1923: Jacob C. and Martha Tetters lived at 2208 Cheek, E C, Chattanooga with Alfred and Miss Lula Teeters.
1924: Jacob C. Teeters and Martha S. Teeters lived at 2103 Daisy EC, Chattanooga TN. Lives with Alfred and Miss Lula Teeters
1925: Jacob C. Teters and Martha S. Teters lived on 2317 Crutchfield EC in Chattanooga with Miss M. Lula Teters.
1926: Jacob C. Teeters and Martha S. Teeters lived on 2317 Crutchfield EC in Chattanooga, TN with Alfred and Miss Eula L.
1926: Martha (Stokes) Teeters d. 23-Nov-1926, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Buried 25-Nov-1926, Lionineck cemetery. Father John Stokes, b. TN. Mother, Anna Brown, b. TN. FHL Film 1876720.
1927: Jacob C. Teeters lives at 2117 Davenport EC, Chattanooga TN. Lives with Alfred

Lula T. Stokes, m. John Andrew Steele, 24-Aug-1926, Hamilton Co., Tenn. John b. 24-May-1897. John d. 13-Jul-1942, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., Tenn. Son of W.M. Steele and Mattie Hicks. They did not have any children. Lula may have died in 1968 
Stokes, Martha S. (I9289)
49 1881 Census gives place and aged 12 Porter, Albert Humphrey (I474)
50 1881 Census gives place as Lernell Porter, William J (I1830)
51 1881 Census gives “Sedgley, Staff” Fones, Salome Ada (I472)
52 1881 census: film #1375841 Painchaud, Napoleon Romuald (I3820)
53 1881: Somerset South, Megantic, Quebec Painchaud, Anna (I5719)
54 1881: Somerset South, Megantic, Quebec Painchaud, Maria (I5718)
55 1881: Somerset South, Megantic, Quebec Painchaud, Josephine Caroline (I4416)
56 1881: Somerset South, Megantic, Quebec Painchaud, Arthur (I4414)
57 1881: Somerset South, Megantic, Quebec Painchaud, Joseph Emille (I4411)
58 1888: worked for Glavin Brass & Iron Works, Detroit, MI Marx, Otto Gustav (I2409)
59 1888: worked for W. J. Kengel & Co., Detroit, MI Marx, Henry C. (I2408)
60 1891 Census gives “Lancs, Barrow” Fones, Salome Ada (I472)
61 1893: clerk at Buhl, Sons & Co. Jefsen, Stephen Hansen (I8262)
62 1894: 690 Clark, Cleveland, Ohio
before 1974: Parma Heights, Ohio
1974: Long Term Care Facilities, Cleveland, Ohio 
Geiger, Ellen “Nellie” Barbara (I4921)
63 1894: 869 Payne, Cleveland, Ohio
1895: 877 Payne av, Cleveland, Ohio
1900: 7 Waterloo, Cleveland, Ohio
1904: 532 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio
1906-1918: Los Angeles, CA 
Hambrecht, Peter (I9207)
64 1897 to 1912 - worked for his father's molding company

Plain Dealer, October 9, 1913, p. 14
William Schaber of Medina, O., took out a permit to make alteration in a manuafacturing building at 1390 W. 10th-st. The plans have been prepared by Archtects Lehman & Schmitt. The work will cost about $3000.

Listed on a passenger list, sailing from port of Barrios, Guatamala, 8-Feb-1929, to new Orleans, Louisiana.

LIsted on a passenger list, sailing from Havana Cuba, 3-Dec-1940, to New York, NY 
Schaber, William C. (I413)
65 1900 Census Sobeske, Helen (I7647)
66 1900 Census show John’s birthdate as either Oct 1877 or Oct 1878 Hefty, John Robert (I8999)
67 1900: 78 Rhodes, Cleveland, Ohio Matilda (I5032)
68 1900: Turkey Creek, Kosciusko Co., Indiana Popenfoose, Lavina (I9269)
69 1910 Census, District 0066, Paducah, Cottle Co., Texas
Albert P. Stokes, b. 1870 Ohio, married 1890, baptist minister
Ester C. Stokes, b. 1873, Tennessee, married 1890
James M. Stokes, b. 1891, Tennessee
Henry C. Stokes, b. 1893, Tennessee
Walter C. Stokes, b. 1895, Georgia
Anna M. Stokes, b. 1898, Georgia
Oscar L. Stokes, b. 1902, Georgia
Rachal V. Stokes, b. 1904, Georgia
Lifton A. Stokes, b. 1907, Georgia
John A. Stokes, b. 1909, Texas

Henry Charles Stokes, b. 24-Jan-1893, Tennessee. Died 3-Dec 1983, San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Texas.

1880 Census, Rhea Co., TN
Petter Elleson, age 49
Susan Elleson, age 40, wife (nee Susan Campbell)
Frank Elleson, age 12, son
Charley Elleson, age 10, son (could he be C D Ellison?)
Leucy Elleson, age 8, daughter
Alfred Elleson, age 4, son (could he be Alford Ellison?)
Berten Elleson, age 2, son

1900 Census, Rhea Co., TN
Peter Ellison, b. July 1831
Susan Ellison, b. Mar 1840, wife
Cyrus Ellison, b. May 1880, son
Minnie Ellison, b. Aug 1885, d-i-l

Alfred Ellison married Annie Thompson, 10-Jul-1905, Rhea Co., TN 
Ellison?, Alfred (I9288)
70 1910: Civil District 3, Meigs Co., TN Stokes, Arlie H. (I7107)
71 1912: 793 Wabash, Detroit, MI Marx, baby (I8231)
72 1918: 695 Blair St., St. Paul, Minnesota Toensing, William Frederick (I7145)
73 1920 Census says immigrated 1901 - so after 1901 British Census Fones, Maria (I1838)
74 1920: 723 Semple Ave, Avalon, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Arndt, Herman R (I8980)
75 1920: Eastern Indiana Hospital for the Insane, Wayne Twp., Wayne Co., Indiana Haller, Pauline (I4795)
76 1922, Detroit Free Press
Ad for Doan’s Kidney Pills
Mrs. M. T. Schope, 3608 Wabash Ave., says:
“I used to be subject to awful cutting pains through the small of my back every time I overtaxed my strength. The trouble was more noticeable in the early part of the day and lasted until nearly night. A friend advised me to use Doan’s Kidney Pills. I took her advise and a short use of Doan’s gave me great relief and I haven’t been bothered with any such trouble since.” 
Hayes, Helen (I1014)
77 1923: Schoolsteeg 3, Rijnsburg, Holland Binnendyk, N. (I9427)
78 1926: 3603 Woodbridge Ave, Cleveland, Ohio Hille, Jost Heinrich (I4728)
79 1928: South Euclid, Ohio
1930: 27301 North Woodland Rd, Pepper Pike, Ohio 
Corlett, Cassius Monroe (I8829)
80 1930 census indicates Carrie was married at age 18 in 1893. Taylor, Carrie E. (I1816)
81 1930: 6633 State St., Cleveland, Ohio Leissa, Harry E. (I5005)
82 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2440)
83 1930: Howard Lake, Minnesota Daremfeld, Lydia (I8019)
84 1940 Census
Cicero, Cook Co, IL, ED 16-121
Sam Ter Maat, b ca 1901 Holland, naturalized, Cicero in 1935
Anna Ter Maat b ca 1901 Holland
Angeline, b ca 1924 Illinois
Pearl M Ter Maat b ca 1930 Illinois
Beatrice A Ter Maat b ca 1934 Illinois
Sandra J Ter Maat b ca 1939 Illinois

1930 Census
Chicago (District 920), IL
Sam Termaat, b ca 1901 Holland, imm 1906
Anna Termaat b ca 1901 Holland, imm 1911
Angeline Termaat b ca 1924 Illinois
Perl Termaat b ca May 1929 Illinois 
TerMaat, Sandra Joy (I9398)
85 1940, Calumet, Michigan
Heikkinen, Hulda b. ca 1897 Michigan
Heikkinen, Mayme, b. ca. 1919, Michigan
Heikkinen, Ruth, b. ca. 1921, Michigan
Heikkinen, Carl, b. ca. 1923, Michigan
Heikkinen, Mathew, b. ca. 1925, Michigan

1930, Laird, Houghton Co., Michigan
Heikkinen, Hulda A., b ca 1897, Michigan
Heikkinen, Maymie E. b ca 1919, Michigan
Heikkinen, Ruth E. b ca 1921, Michigan
Heikkinen, Carl W., b ca 1923, Michigan
Heikkinen, Matt S., b ca 1925, Michigan

22 May 1917, Hulda Niemi m. Kalle Heikkinen, Hancock, MI

Charles Severns Heikkinen b 16 Oct 1875
wife Hilda, farmer in Nisula, Michigan in 1918

Hilda Marie Moilanen m. Chas Heikkinen. Lived in Nisula in 1906-1912 
Heikkinen, Carl “Carlo” (I9340)
86 1941 - working for Sten, Well, & Son, Cleveland Stuebe, Evelyn S. (I448)
87 1944: Memphis School
1952-1953: Rhodes High School
1953-1956: Danbury Township High School
1956-1957: Dyke & Spencerian College, Cleveland, Ohio 
Tonsing, Joan Nancy (I3)
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I925)
89 2 a.m. Schall, Carl Wilhelm (I5168)
90 2922 Lincoln Ave., Parma, Ohio Tonsing, Ernst Johann Heinrich “Henry” (I12)
91 293 North Terrace Tonsing, Robert Lowe (I2126)
92 30219 Link Rd. Toensing, Jobst Heinrich (Henry) (I1670)
93 315 North Terrace Tonsing, Paul Martin (I2129)
94 315 North Terrace Tonsing, Evan Walker (I2122)
95 315 North Terrace Tonsing, Paul Gerhardt (I2011)
96 33507 Zip Stommel, Aloys H. (I532)
97 35th NJ Inf., Co. B
Henry applied for pension Dec 15, 1920. Application 1445122, Certificate 1196259 issued while he lived in California.
Wife Emma in Michigan
Applied for widow’s pension Feb 9, 1899. Application 691,818. Certificate 559,868.
Wife Jennie in California
Applied for widow’s pension May 31, 1923. Application 1206714. No certificate number

William Henry Williams, b. 1853 Holland, living in Sobrante, Contra Costa, CA on 2-Jun 1894

Henry William Williams, b ca 1851 Holland, living in Giant, Contra Costa, CA on 22-May-1896

William H. b. Feb 1852, Holland. Living with wife Jennie, b. May 1868, Missouri and son Arthur, b. May 1899 CA. William is an engineer with powder works. Married 1887. Living in Contra Costa in 1900.

William H. b. 1847, New Jersey. Living with wife Jennie, b. 1874 IL and son Arthur, b. ca 1899 CA. Living in Contra Costa, California in 1910. Engineer for Giant Powder Co. Married ca 1892.

William H. b. 1842, New Jersey. Living with wife Jennie, b. 1871 IL and son Arthur, b. 1900, CA. Living in San Pablo, Contra Costa, California in 1920. Engineer for Powder works.

Henry Williams, b. 1846, died 19 May 1923 in California, Death certificate 20628 
Williams, Henry (I9199)
98 3rd child Black, Baby Girl (I2741)
99 4 a.m. Schall, Maria Wilhelmina (I21)
100 4 Sep 1754 baptism is for Marie Angelique Laberge daughter of Gabriel Laberge and Magdelene Jourdain Laberge, Marie Louise (I69)

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