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Multiple (in-law) marriages between two families
NoHusband Dates WifeDates Marriage PlaceDate
Type Sibling/Cousin/Person  Spouse    
1Charles Bourgeois 1646-1678 Anne Dugas 1654-1740 Port Royal, Nova Scotia (Acadia), Canada1668
s-sFrançoise Bourgeois 1659- Claude Dugas 1642-
2Michel Bourg dit Michaud 1666-1721 Isabelle Elizabeth Melançon 1673- 1689
s-sAnne Bourg Charles Melançon 1675-1757 1700
3Charles Bourgeois 1673- Marie Blanchard 1676- Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1692
s-sClaude Bourgeois 1674- Anne Blanchard 1701
4Francois Cormier 1672- Marguerite Leblanc 1676- Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1692
s-sAlexis Cormier 1672- Marie LeBlanc 1681- Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1697
s-sPierre Cormier dit Palette 1682- Catherine Leblanc 1683- 1702
5Jean Belliveau        -1707 Madeleine Melançon 1677- 1696
s-sCharles Belliveau dit Bideau Marie Melançon 1679-1751 1698
6Michel Bourg (Bourque) Canique 1692-1746 Marie Anne Cormier 1698-1742 Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1713
s-cFrancois Bourg 1698- Catherine Cormier        -1725 Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1721
c-cLouis Joseph Cyr Marie Cormier 1696-1748 1740
7Pierre Cormier dit Nightingale 1695-1747 Marie Marguerite Anne Cyr 1701-1757 Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1718
s-sJoseph Cormier 1712- Françoise Cyre Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1733
s-cMarie Marguerite Anne Cyr [2]1701-1757 Pierre Cormier dit Nightingale [2]1695-1747 Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1718
s-cMarie Marguerite Anne Cyr [3]1701-1757 Pierre Cormier dit Nightingale [3]1695-1747 Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1718
s-cCatherine Cormier [2]       -1725 Francois Bourg [2]1698- Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1721
s-sFrançoise Cyre [2] Joseph Cormier [2]1712- Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia (Acadie), Canada1733
8Pierre Joseph Cyr dit Miquelon Marie Anne Painchaud 1812- Drummondville, Drummond, Québec, Canada1832
s-cMiquelon (Marie) Zoé Cyr dit Vincent 1790- Moïse Pierre Painchaud 1808-1889 Drummondville, Drummond, Québec, Canada1833
9Georg Phillip Hambrecht 1811-1859 Carolina Allbach 1812-1862 Dürkheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany1841
s-sJohannes Hambrecht 1807- Eleanor Rosina Allbach 1804-1855 Dürkheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany1848
10Johann Frederich Tonsing 1825-1886 Eleanor (Maria Elizabeth) Boehning 1830-1905 Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1847
s-sMaria Elsabein Toensing 1831-1873 Herman Frederick “Fred” Boehning 1826- Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA
11Uldorique (Uldéric) Painchaud 1833-1911 Louise Desneiges /Louval Longval Wottonville, Wolfe Co., Québec, Canada1855
c-sJoseph Octave Cyr dit Miquelon Marie Nathanée Longval Wottonville, Wolfe Co., Québec, Canada1856
12Joseph Poirier Héléne Painchaud 1839- Plessisville, Megantic, Québec, Canada1858
s-sAurélie Poirier 1840-1900 Pantaléon Painchaud 1834- Plessisville, Megantic, Québec, Canada1860
13Ernst Friedrich Johann “Fred” Hille 1835-1920 Maria Eleanora Tönsing 1838-1926 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1859
s-sMaria Elisabeth Hille 1842-1914 Frederich Heinrich Tönsing 1841-1918 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1865
14Octave Fénélon Vézina Célina Painchaud 1844-1925 Isle-aux-Grues, Montmagny, Québec, Canada1865
s-sCajétah Vézina Exilda Painchaud 1847-1886 Isle-aux-Grues, Montmagny, Québec, Canada1866
15Hermann Heinrich Walker 1842-1927 Maria Eleanore Melcher 1847-1902 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1868
c-sJohann Heinrich Wilhelm Walker 1830-1887 Marie Ilsebein Melcher 1838-1904 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1857
16Wilhelm Friedrich Siek 1886-1959 Magdalena Maria (Lena) Toensing 1882-1955 Westlake (Dover Twp.), Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1909
s-sLouise Marie Siek 1888-1974 William Friedrich Toensing 1886-1947 Westlake (Dover Twp.), Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA1910
17John Franklin Wilhelm, II 1906-1984 Ethel Signa Christensen 1904-1999 Hammond, Lake Co., Indiana, USA1934
s-sRobert Earl Wilhelm 1903-1973 Marie Vivara Christensen 1902-1993 Hammond, Lake Co., Indiana, USA1935
18Living Living
s-sLiving Living

The table records where two siblings, half-siblings or cousins have married siblings or cousins in a second family. It also records cases where one person has married two siblings or cousins. s-s stands for sibling-sibling, s-c for sibling-cousin, p-s for same person-sibling, s-h for sibling-half sibling, etc.

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