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1 10 p.m. Kneüle, Maria Magdalena (I171)
2 10-11 p.m. Schall, Johann Christoph (I5170)
3 1145 Maryland Ave. Anna Christina (I3785)
4 14mar1914 Painchaud, Joseph Louis Philippe (I4049)
5 1613 LeFranc, Genevieve (I7317)
6 1627: Lancashire, England Southwick, Lawrence (I8846)
7 1860: Henry Guyer is living in Lebanon, Clinton Co., MI with Frederich, b. 1795 PA; Mary, b. 1798 PA; and Minerva b. 1843 MI. Henry was born 1820, PA. Gier, Emily G. /Guyer (I395)
8 1870: Bloomingdale, Van Buren Co., MI Rose, Phoebe (I162)
9 1880 and 1900 census identified Charles as an “Idiot.” He could not read or write at the age of 26 Campbell, Charles (I82)
10 1880 census says Lucien was born in Ohio and his parents were born in NY under his entry. It says he was born in Massachusetts under Charles’ entry

found a Lewis Southwick living in Mayfield twp., Cuyahoga Co., Ohio in 1840 . He and his wife were between the ages of 20 and 30. They had a son and a daughter both under 6 years old. An L. Southwick with the same statistics was also found on the same page. A Samuel Southwick with a 10-15 year old male and a 50-60 year old male, a 20-30 year and 50-60 year old female was also on the same page.

Found a several IGI Individual records that shows Lucien was born in Adams, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts on the same date.

Lemuel Southwick moved from Adams, Mass., to Ohio in the spring of 1834. The two oldest boys [Jerome and Lucien] drove a team thorugh, and the rest went by canal and lake, which took about three weeks.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 11, 1865
Good Farm for Sale--75 Acres
House, Barn and Orchard--25 acres of Timber, well Watered, in Southwest corner of Euclid, eight miles from Cleveland. Terms reasonable. L. Southwick on premises. 
Southwick, Lucien (I8791)
11 1881 Census gives place and aged 12 Porter, Albert Humphrey (I474)
12 1881 Census gives place as Lernell Porter, William J (I1830)
13 1881 Census gives “Sedgley, Staff” Fones, Salome Ada (I472)
14 1891 Census gives “Lancs, Barrow” Fones, Salome Ada (I472)
15 1900 Census Sobeske, Helen (I7647)
16 1900 Census show John’s birthdate as either Oct 1877 or Oct 1878 Hefty, John Robert (I8999)
17 1920 Census says immigrated 1901 - so after 1901 British Census Fones, Maria (I1838)
18 1928: South Euclid, Ohio
1930: 27301 North Woodland Rd, Pepper Pike, Ohio 
Corlett, Cassius Monroe (I8829)
19 2 a.m. Schall, Carl Wilhelm (I5168)
20 2922 Lincoln Ave., Parma, Ohio Tonsing, Ernst Johann Heinrich “Henry” (I12)
21 293 North Terrace Tonsing, Robert Lowe (I2126)
22 30219 Link Rd. Toensing, Jobst Heinrich (Henry) (I1670)
23 315 North Terrace Tonsing, Paul Martin (I2129)
24 315 North Terrace Tonsing, Evan Walker (I2122)
25 315 North Terrace Tonsing, Paul Gerhardt (I2011)
26 33507 Zip Stommel, Aloys H. (I532)
27 4 a.m. Schall, Maria Wilhelmina (I21)
28 40 Burton St. Tonsing, Paul Gerhardt (I2011)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I277)
30 5 a.m. Hermann, Christina (I41)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10158)
32 5-Feb-1833 Jensdotter, Ellen Marie (I549)
33 5:30 am Fink, Johannes (I166)
34 617 South Sixth Tonsing, Ida (I2128)
35 617 South Sixth Tonsing, Ernest Frederick (Ernie) (I2127)
36 7 a.m. Frank, Christiana Wilhelmina (I297)
37 7 p.m. Schall, Maria Magdalina (I5199)
38 8 a.m. Frank, Sophia Maria (I1829)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family/Spouse: William C. Gorski / Living (F4615)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3680)
41 A Catherine Albaugh died May 5, 1838 and is buried in Simmons Ridge Cemetery, Amsterdam, Jefferson County, Ohio Springer, Catherine (I9315)
42 A George and Kate Hefty had at least two children born in Gratiot Co. between 1890 and 1892. Hefty, George (I9331)
43 A George Kellog is buried in the plot next ot Edith Belle Archer. He died 18 Feb 1978 Kellogg, George Erwin (I9107)
44 A George Vandenberg died at the Kalamazoo Co Poor house in Comstock on 24 Aug 1893, at age 70. He was a widower. Vandenberg, George (I8967)
45 A History of Van Buren County, Michigan by Oran W. Rowland. P. 397
Henry Campbell from the state of New York, arrived in 1838, but settled in Waverly where he remained until 1844, when he located on section eight, in Almena, where he spent the remainder of his days. He died in 1872.

History of Almena Township, MI. 
FROM History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan
With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
of Their Men and Pioneers.
D. W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia 1880
Press of J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.
Henry Campbell, a New Yorker, came to Almena in 1838, and worked at the company's saw-mill until 1839, when he married a daughter of Willard Newcomb and made a settlement in Waverly. Leaving there in 1844, he located in Almena, upon section 8, where he died in 1872, leaving a widow who still survives him.

1920 Census for Julius Campbell states Henry was born in Vermont
Henry’s death certificate stated he was born in Rutland, Vermont. The marriage record is more likely to be correct. 
Campbell, Henry (I79)
46 A James Berry was living in Frankfort, Franklin Co., Kentucky in 1860 with his parents and siblings
Father: Hiram Berry, b ca 1821 Pennsylvania
Mother: Ellen S, b ca 1823 Kentucky
Sister: Alice M. b ca 1848 Iowa
Sister: Emma F b ca 1853 Kentucky
Self: James b ca 1855, Iowa
Brother: George F. b ca 1857, Iowa
Brother: Edward R b ca 1859 Kentucky

A James Berry was living in Sandcreek, Union Co., Iowa in 1870 with his parents and siblings
Father: J. C. Berry, b ca 1820, West Virginia
Mother: Sarah, b ca 1828, West Virginia
Brother: Theodore, b ca 1851, Iowa
Self: James, b ca 1855, Iowa
Sister: Kate, b ca 1858, Iowa
Brother: Wm, b ca 1862, Iowa
Sister: Marg, b ca 1864, Iowa
Sister: Mary, b ca 1866, Iowa
Brother : Elijah, b ca 1868, Iowa

A James C. Berry was living in Cedar, Greene Co. Iowa in 1880 with his parents and siblings.
Father: Thomas Berry, b ca 1819, Ireland, farmer
Mother: Ellen, b ca 1833, Ireland
Brother: William H. Berry, b ca 1856, New York
Brother: Thomas Berry b ca 1859, New York
Brother: John Berry, b ca 1868, New York
Sister: Margaret Berry, b ca 1864, New York
Sister: Rosa Berry, b ca 1866, New York

A James Berry was living in Bertram, Linn, Iowa with his parents and siblings
Father: John b. ca 1814 Ohio
Mother: Libby A., b ca 1824 Ohio
Brother: William b ca 1851 Iowa
Self: James b ca 1854 Iowa
Brother: John b ca 1856 Iowa
Brother: Robert b ca 1856 Iowa
Sister: Sarah J. b ca 1859 Iowa
Brother: Lester b ca 1862 Iowa
Brother: George b ca 1864 Iowa
Sister: Anne b ca 1866 Iowa
Sister: Jessie b ca 1869 Iowa

A James C. Berry was living in Union, Union Co., Iowa in 1910 with his wife Sarah.
James C. Berry, b ca 1821 Virginia 
Berry, James Coonrod (I423)
47 A James Fitzsimmons is living with William Fitzsimmons in Mahoning, Montour Co, PA in 1850. Fitzsimmons, Theodosia (I9014)
48 A John Deen, Sr is living with wife Mary , daughter Hannah , son Perry , and 4 other people in Danville, Montour Co., PA in 1850. A John Deen Jr is living with his family in Danville in 1850. A James F. Deen with his family in Danville in 1850. Deem, Benjamin Franklin (I9013)
49 A John Elicott Wroath & Jeneford Prout were married in Cornwall 30 Oct 1803. From Cornwall Parish Register, marriages, V. 14, p. 76

A John Elicott Wroath, w., married Ann Dicker, w. of St. Thomas on 3 Oct 1809. From Cornwall Parish Register, marriages, v. 14, p. 77 
Wroath, John (I9350)
50 A Joseph Gilbert received a federal land patent on 1 Nov 1830 for property in Harrison Co., Ohio. Gilbert, Joseph (I9223)
51 A Lulu Belle Strieby was housed in the Department of Correction’s-Girl’s School from Jul 9, 1884 to Aug 6, 1891. She was born around 1873. She was from Kosciusko county. Acc Num, Micro, Record Book: 2001201; Record Book Film Number 1; Accession Number, Packet 1975001, Packet Location 26-H-1, Packet Aais 104617, Box 6. Strieby, Anna Belle (I9051)
52 A Lydia Southwick died in Uxbridge, Massachussets in 1844-45. Volume 15, p. 159, Massachusetts State-Wide Indexes, 1841-1895

A Lydia Sherman, daughter of Samuel Sherman and Lydia Pope was born 8 Apr 1768 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. An Individual Record said this Lydia married Asa Hutchings, 1795 in Maine. Another Lydia Sherman was born in 1768 in Carver, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Another Lydia Sherman was born 1769 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, daughter or Edmund Sherman and Hannah Kille and died 11 Aug 1841. This Lydia may have been christened 17 Sep 1764/69. Lydia Sherman IGI Individual Records. 
Sherman, Lydia (I8838)
53 A Maria Mabury married Thomas Dwier 9 Sep 1864, Cuyahoga, Ohio Barker, Marie J. (I374)
54 A Martha Bartels married William Henry Adams in 1925, Kalamazoo Co. Cheeseman, Martha Viola (I8805)
55 A Martin Swank married Sarah Cripe in 3 Nov 1842 in Kosciucko Co., IN. Their children were Elizabeth, Mary, Susannah and Eve. They were living in Jackson twp. in 1850 Swank, John (I9252)
56 A Mary Strieby left a will in Kosciusko county dated 17 Oct 1898
A Mary S. Strieby left a will in kosciusko county dated 18 Sep 1900
Mary A Strieby died 21 Aug 1900

The house Mary lived at in Turkey Creek, burned on September 11, 1874.

Mary may have had a sister or sister-in-law named Pheba James living in Bloom City, Richland Co., Wisconsin and may have had a brother named William living in the same location in 1890. 
James, Mary (I9173)
57 A Ruth W. Davis born 4 Jun 1918, died January 1987 in Kalamazoo. Her obituary was in the Kalamazoo Gazette, Jan 27, 1987, p. E3

Not the Ruth M. Davis born 3 Apr 1915, died 14 Aug 1989.

Berry’s living in South Bend, Ind in 1936:
Anna, 102 Adams
Charles N & Clara, 301 N Lafayette blvd
Earl W & Clara L, 811 S 28th
Glendora A, 613 W Washington
John K, 114 N Main, apt 466
Marie, 301 N Lafayette blvd
Marjorie M. Mrs., 505 Carroll
Martin C, 749 S 29th
Melville S & Elsie F, 511 W Jefferson blvd
Orley G & Amelia H, 818 S 29th
Paul B, Grand Rapids, MI
Rebecca , 749 S 29th
Vern F, 811 S 28th
Wm E & Eva C, 601 S 24th

Ruth Laura Davis, age 91, obit in South Bend Tribune, 1 Oct 1999
Ruth E. Davis, b 20 Aug 1910 d7 Feb 2009, South Bend Tribune 
Berry, Ruth M. (I296)
58 A Samuel B. Phelps of Branch Co., MI fought with the 11th Michigan Infantry, Co., H. He was discharged for disability on June 23, 1862. He was born in 1907 and died in 1904. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Kalkaska, Michigan Phelps, Samuel (I9143)
59 A William Davis died 11 April 1892 in the Michigan Soldiers home. He was born ca 1824. Davis, William D. (I9325)
60 A William Johnson, age 21 , grey eyes, light hair, fair complexion, 5’7.5”, born in Liberty town, PA; was a teamster, enlisted in the U.S. Army 28 Sep 1849 in Ringgold Barracks by Lt. Gilbert, 1st Infantry, company C, discharged 4 Dec 1849.

Found a William Johnston born 81 years, 1 month 24 days before death on 23 Feb 1910 in Brady twp, Kalamazoo County. Retired farm laborer. Widower. Born in Pennsylvania. Father John Johnston. Informant CC Briggs. A John Johnson and wife Cath were living in Liberty, Montour Co., PA in 1850 with 5 children. A son John Johnson was born in 1828. A son William Johnson was born in 1841. 
Johnson, William (I9015)
61 aboard the Marianne Tönsing, Ernst Frederich (I1978)
62 abord the Violet on the way to France Bourgeois, Honoré (I7395)
63 Abram Perry, b. 1831, d. 1860 is buried in Beach Cemetery, Maple Rapids, Clinton Co with Francis J. Perry, b. 1853 d. 1855. Perry, Abraham (I394)
64 According to Donald Gaskill, Charles was born 1853 in Mayfield twp., Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.
1860 census said he was born around 1853/4 in Ohio

Cleveland Plain Dealer, November 8, 1892
Partition Suit
Alfred and Charles Southwick began suit against Luscien Southwick and Helen Corlett in the common pleas court Monday to partition forty feet on McCurdy avenue.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 13, 1893
Common Please Court case 43987: Southwick vs Southwick. Report confirmed and sale ordered. 
Southwick, Charles Henry (I8788)
65 Act 28 Family/Spouse: Riewert Kerkstra / Jantje Visser (F6433)
66 Adelaide may have had a daughter named Bertha born 23 Dec 1868. No father was listed. She was living in Lima township. Kellogg, Adelaide (I9008)
67 aft 1881 Painchaud, Louis Fabien (I1295)
68 age 57 years, 3 months, 26 days Macigewski, Charles (I8728)
69 age and place from 1891 Census Taylor, Sarah (I8112)
70 aged 1 at 1920 Census Exton, Violet Mildred (I8160)
71 aged 12 at 1881 Census Oakley, William (I8156)
72 aged 14 at 1891 Census Oakley, Richard (I8114)
73 aged 14 at 1901 Census Bradley, John James (I8135)
74 aged 14 at 1901 Census Porter, Edward Theodore (I1833)
75 aged 20 at 1891 Census Oakley, Thomas (I8113)
76 aged 21 at 1871 Census Fones, Mary Ann (I8152)
77 Aged 3 weeks at 1881 Census Oakley, John Thomas (I8161)
78 aged 32 at 1881 British Census Oakley, Ann Maria (I1848)
79 aged 33 at 1871 Census Fones, Thomas (I8151)
80 aged 34 at 1881 Census [--?--], Mary (I8155)
81 aged 35 at 1871 Census. Fones, John (I1847)
82 aged 4 at 1891 Census Oakley, Ellen (I8163)
83 aged 4 months at 1841 Census Oakley, Gaius (I8126)
84 aged 45 at 1851 Census. Birthplace given as Ox Blackbourton Porter, Thomas (I8108)
85 aged 49 at 1881 Census Fones, John (I1847)
86 aged 5 at 1881 Census Oakley, Gaius (I8159)
87 aged 50 at 1891 Census Fones, John (I1847)
88 aged 54 at 1861 Census. Birthplace given as Ox Blackbourton Painter, Mary (I8109)
89 aged 55 at 1861 Census. Birthplace given as Glos Eastleach Martin Porter, Thomas (I8108)
90 aged 57 at 1901 Census Bradley, Abram (I1849)
91 aged 59 at 1920 Census Exton, Harry (I1850)
92 aged 6 at 1871 Census Cooke, Arthur (I8153)
93 aged 64 at 1871 Census Fones, Isaac (I8149)
94 aged 65 at 1841 Census.. Born in County residing in 1841 Porter, Humphrey (I8129)
95 aged 66 at 1851 Census Taylor, William (I8148)
96 aged 66 at 1871 Census Hickmans, Jane (I8150)
97 aged 67 at 1881 Census Marsh, Maria (I8104)
98 aged 68 at 1881 Census Oakley, John (I8103)
99 aged 7 at 1881 Census Oakley, Emma (I8158)
100 aged 7 at 1891 Census Oakley, Mary (I8162)

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