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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ousborn, William  January 1874Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I10888 Lisa's Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carey, Catharine  23 March 1912Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I9030 Lisa's Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bambousek, Jerry  1905Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I2787 Lisa's Genealogy 
2 Boehning, Dorothea Maria “Mary”  1843Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5129 Lisa's Genealogy 
3 Boehning, Eleanor (Maria Elizabeth)  1843Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1689 Lisa's Genealogy 
4 Boehning, Ernst  1843Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5126 Lisa's Genealogy 
5 Boehning, Johann  1843Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5128 Lisa's Genealogy 
6 Boehning, William  1843Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5127 Lisa's Genealogy 
7 Bohning, Maria Elizabeth  6 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I2513 Lisa's Genealogy 
8 Borges, Ernst  1842Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5135 Lisa's Genealogy 
9 Borowski, Sam  16 May 1882Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I6664 Lisa's Genealogy 
10 Borowski, Samuel  13 May 1882Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I6663 Lisa's Genealogy 
11 Epp, Elizabeth  24 April 1905Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I4906 Lisa's Genealogy 
12 Frank, Anna  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I300 Lisa's Genealogy 
13 Frank, Fredericke Pauline (Freda)  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I299 Lisa's Genealogy 
14 Frank, Jacob F.  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I20 Lisa's Genealogy 
15 Frank, Karl Herman  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I10 Lisa's Genealogy 
16 Frank, Maria Wilhelmina  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I301 Lisa's Genealogy 
17 Frank, Sophia Maria  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1829 Lisa's Genealogy 
18 Frank, William  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I298 Lisa's Genealogy 
19 Korter, Catherine  2 November 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1169 Lisa's Genealogy 
20 Lietzow, Augusta  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I7520 Lisa's Genealogy 
21 Möllers-Rüter, Maria Sophia Caroline  11 September 1857Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I49 Lisa's Genealogy 
22 Schall, Maria Wilhelmina  24 May 1887Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I21 Lisa's Genealogy 
23 Toensing, Gerhardt Heinrich  11 September 1857Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1968 Lisa's Genealogy 
24 Toensing, Jobst Heinrich (Henry)  11 September 1857Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1670 Lisa's Genealogy 
25 Tonsing, Casper  29 October 1860Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I4700 Lisa's Genealogy 
26 Tönsing, Ernst Frederich  15 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1978 Lisa's Genealogy 
27 Tönsing, Ernst Heinrich  11 September 1857Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I48 Lisa's Genealogy 
28 Tönsing, Frederich Heinrich  11 September 1857Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I24 Lisa's Genealogy 
29 Tonsing, Johann Frederich  1842Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1688 Lisa's Genealogy 
30 Tönsing, Maria Eleanora  11 September 1857Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I1971 Lisa's Genealogy 
31 Walker, Anna Maria Gertrude  6 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I2003 Lisa's Genealogy 
32 Walker, Clara  6 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5482 Lisa's Genealogy 
33 Walker, Heinrich G.  6 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5480 Lisa's Genealogy 
34 Walker, Hermann  6 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5481 Lisa's Genealogy 
35 Walker, Jacob (Or Jobst) Heinrich  6 October 1845Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I2512 Lisa's Genealogy 
36 Wilhelms, Albert  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I7519 Lisa's Genealogy 
37 Wilhelms, Gust  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I9006 Lisa's Genealogy 
38 Wilhelms, Mathilde  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I8943 Lisa's Genealogy 
39 Wilhelms, Max Leopold  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I5011 Lisa's Genealogy 
40 Wilhelms, May M.  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I8940 Lisa's Genealogy 
41 Wilhelms, Otto  17 April 1891Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I9005 Lisa's Genealogy 
42 Zdroj, Andrzy “Andrew”  15 March 1881Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA I7080 Lisa's Genealogy 

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