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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jenny  August 1866Michigan, USA I5959 Lisa's Genealogy 
2 Marinda  about 1862Michigan, USA I9117 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
3 Melissa E.  February 1848Michigan, USA I9129 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
4 Minnie G.  about 1880Michigan, USA I7808 Lisa's Genealogy 
5 Nettie  about 1867Michigan, USA I9163 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
6 Sara  1855Michigan, USA I1032 Lisa's Genealogy 
7 Susan  August 1846Michigan, USA I9034 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
8 Tracy W.  April 1875Michigan, USA I953 Lisa's Genealogy 
9 UNNAMED  Michigan, USA I8834 Lisa's Genealogy 
10 Anderson, Estelle  about 1898Michigan, USA I6789 Lisa's Genealogy 
11 Anderson, Hattie  about 1895Michigan, USA I6788 Lisa's Genealogy 
12 Bailey, Rhoda S.  1871Michigan, USA I9378 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
13 Bala, Walter C.  1885Michigan, USA I7075 Lisa's Genealogy 
14 Bale, Franklin  13 September 1839Michigan, USA I9286 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
15 Bale, James  about 1837Michigan, USA I9285 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
16 Bale, Susanna  9 September 1834Michigan, USA I9276 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
17 Barclay, Arthur  September 1882Michigan, USA I4441 Lisa's Genealogy 
18 Barclay, Calla A.  January 1894Michigan, USA I4668 Lisa's Genealogy 
19 Barclay, John Z.  February 1856Michigan, USA I994 Lisa's Genealogy 
20 Barclay, William A.  September 1879Michigan, USA I3856 Lisa's Genealogy 
21 Battin, Azalia  Michigan, USA I8938 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
22 Beaumier, Myrtle  about 1898Michigan, USA I8966 Lisa's Genealogy 
23 Blondale, Allan F.  29 June 1918Michigan, USA I9486 Lisa's Genealogy 
24 Bowman, Charles  about 1905Michigan, USA I967 Lisa's Genealogy 
25 Brautigam, Jacob  about 1859Michigan, USA I9935 Lisa's Genealogy 
26 Brautigam, Joseph  about 1861Michigan, USA I9936 Lisa's Genealogy 
27 Brautigam, Phillip  about 1866Michigan, USA I9938 Lisa's Genealogy 
28 Brown, John  about 1887Michigan, USA I8256 Lisa's Genealogy 
29 Brown, Mary  about 1912Michigan, USA I9802 Lisa's Genealogy 
30 Busch, Annie  November 1879Michigan, USA I9236 Lisa's Genealogy 
31 Busch, Catherine  December 1882Michigan, USA I9233 Lisa's Genealogy 
32 Busch, Maria  18 September 1886Michigan, USA I9234 Lisa's Genealogy 
33 Campbell, Betsey  about 1866Michigan, USA I85 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
34 Campbell, Charles  March 1853Michigan, USA I82 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
35 Campbell, Isaac  about 1849Michigan, USA I157 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
36 Campbell, Jennie  about 1898Michigan, USA I173 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
37 Campbell, Jessie  about 1862Michigan, USA I84 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
38 Campbell, Jonathan Fremont  about 1856Michigan, USA I83 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
39 Campbell, Ruth  about 1894Michigan, USA I63 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
40 Campbell, Willard A.  about 1846Michigan, USA I81 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
41 Carter, Chauncey  1857Michigan, USA I9716 Lisa's Genealogy 
42 Carver, Hattie D.  December 1855Michigan, USA I9466 Lisa's Genealogy 
43 Cheplevich, Olga M.  13 November 1908Michigan, USA I7272 Lisa's Genealogy 
44 Christensen, Anna  about 1917Michigan, USA I7522 Lisa's Genealogy 
45 Christensen, Anna Hansina  February 1897Michigan, USA I2417 Lisa's Genealogy 
46 Christensen, Cathryn Anna  25 June 1918Michigan, USA I2425 Lisa's Genealogy 
47 Christensen, James William  February 1909Michigan, USA I2449 Lisa's Genealogy 
48 Christensen, Marie C  25 November 1891Michigan, USA I2415 Lisa's Genealogy 
49 Christensen, Marie Rosina  1 July 1913Michigan, USA I7523 Lisa's Genealogy 
50 Christensen, Odar C.  4 October 1904Michigan, USA I7965 Lisa's Genealogy 
51 Churchill, Mary L. J.  about 1876Michigan, USA I8865 Lisa's Genealogy 
52 Clare, Eldon R.  December 1891Michigan, USA I8999 Lisa's Genealogy 
53 Clare, Pearl A.  April 1890Michigan, USA I9000 Lisa's Genealogy 
54 Clare, Robert J. II  4 January 1903Michigan, USA I3458 Lisa's Genealogy 
55 Clare, Truman Clarence  August 1893Michigan, USA I8996 Lisa's Genealogy 
56 Clark, Charles E.  September 1918Michigan, USA I11682 Lisa's Genealogy 
57 Clark, Grant  13 July 1879Michigan, USA I8790 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
58 Clark, Hattie  about 1876Michigan, USA I11680 Lisa's Genealogy 
59 Clark, Hiram M.  13 December 1837Michigan, USA I8936 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
60 Clark, Ida  about 1873Michigan, USA I11679 Lisa's Genealogy 
61 Clark, Irene L.  about 1907Michigan, USA I11684 Lisa's Genealogy 
62 Clark, Margaret  1911Michigan, USA I11685 Lisa's Genealogy 
63 Clark, Marie  March 1880Michigan, USA I11681 Lisa's Genealogy 
64 Clark, Mary E.  1913Michigan, USA I11686 Lisa's Genealogy 
65 Clark, Pauline  about 1915Michigan, USA I11687 Lisa's Genealogy 
66 Clark, Walter John  1 April 1908Michigan, USA I1961 Lisa's Genealogy 
67 Cohen, Esther  about 1917Michigan, USA I9661 Lisa's Genealogy 
68 Cohen, Sophie  about 1916Michigan, USA I9662 Lisa's Genealogy 
69 Colwell, Mattie  September 1851Michigan, USA I9162 Lisa's Genealogy 
70 Corrigan, John  about 1871Michigan, USA I5144 Lisa's Genealogy 
71 Corson  Michigan, USA I316 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
72 Corson, George F  October 1879Michigan, USA I319 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
73 Corson, Gladys D  November 1893Michigan, USA I321 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
74 Corson, Ira E  October 1889Michigan, USA I331 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
75 Corson, John H  October 1891Michigan, USA I332 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
76 Corson, Oliver A  August 1888Michigan, USA I330 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
77 Corson, William Perry  June 1878Michigan, USA I318 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
78 Cowles, Catherine Hazel  10 March 1913Michigan, USA I1962 Lisa's Genealogy 
79 Cross, Alice A.  about 1848Michigan, USA I8992 Lisa's Genealogy 
80 Cross, Ann E.  1844Michigan, USA I8990 Lisa's Genealogy 
81 Cross, John R.  about 1842Michigan, USA I8991 Lisa's Genealogy 
82 Culver, Alonzo E.  4 July 1852Michigan, USA I9465 Lisa's Genealogy 
83 Culver, Claire  July 1896Michigan, USA I8963 Lisa's Genealogy 
84 Culver, Harry Earl  31 January 1900Michigan, USA I9458 Lisa's Genealogy 
85 Davis, Alfred  about 1872Michigan, USA I310 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
86 Davis, Charles E  about 1874Michigan, USA I311 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
87 Davis, Christina  about 1906Michigan, USA I304 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
88 Davis, William S  about 1867Michigan, USA I312 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
89 Deem, Benjamin Jesse  April 1890Michigan, USA I9038 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
90 Deem, Merrell Johnson  October 1897Michigan, USA I9041 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
91 DeQuinn, Jeanette Susan  7 November 1942Michigan, USA I11576 Lisa's Genealogy 
92 Dershinski, Alyce Marie  19 March 1908Michigan, USA I305 Lisa's Genealogy 
93 Dershinski, Amanda  December 1889Michigan, USA I309 Lisa's Genealogy 
94 Dershinski, Frederick Albert E.  February 1887Michigan, USA I308 Lisa's Genealogy 
95 Dershinski, Linda  8 November 1893Michigan, USA I310 Lisa's Genealogy 
96 Dershinski, Max Paul  19 February 1896Michigan, USA I311 Lisa's Genealogy 
97 Dolbee, Andrew Elisha  February 1860Michigan, USA I190 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
98 Dolbee, Susan Jennie  about 1862Michigan, USA I163 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
99 Froehlich, Alexander  about 1884Michigan, USA I975 Lisa's Genealogy 
100 Galster, Dora  about 1872Michigan, USA I8298 Lisa's Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bale, Benjamin  20 January 1873Michigan, USA I9278 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
2 Bale, Nicholas Nathanial  24 September 1842Michigan, USA I9087 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
3 Clark, Grant  13 November 1957Michigan, USA I8790 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
4 Cooper, Leslie L.  1897Michigan, USA I9277 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
5 Fiddler, Thomas  July 1983Michigan, USA I6891 Lisa's Genealogy 
6 Hall, Catherine  2 March 1973Michigan, USA I2438 Lisa's Genealogy 
7 Johnson, William  Michigan, USA I9015 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
8 Kirchoff, Alvin Robert  27 April 1996Michigan, USA I10557 Lisa's Genealogy 
9 Macigewski, Otto  July 1965Michigan, USA I2395 Lisa's Genealogy 
10 Marx, Richard Otto  1966Michigan, USA I2407 Lisa's Genealogy 
11 Saline, Ellis E.  30 April 1974Michigan, USA I8785 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
12 Smith, Aristocracy  26 January 1873Michigan, USA I8964 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
13 Smith, Clara R.  26 February 1873Michigan, USA I49 Angus Saline's Genealogy 


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   Family/Spouse    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jarecki / Brautigam  about 1875Michigan, USA F6909 Lisa's Genealogy 

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