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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Emma M.  New York, USA I4928 Lisa's Genealogy 
2 Hannah  New York, USA I9464 Lisa's Genealogy 
3 Mary Ann Cross  about 1843New York, USA I8965 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
4 Nettie  December 1872New York, USA I7567 Lisa's Genealogy 
5 UNNAMED  New York, USA I9737 Lisa's Genealogy 
6 Anderson, Helen Rebecca  19 April 1775New York, USA I53 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
7 Austin, Harvey Herbert  about 1838New York, USA I159 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
8 Austin, Mary Abigail  22 March 1840New York, USA I62 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
9 Austin, Shadrach S.  about 1813New York, USA I77 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
10 Baker, Samuel R.  about 1816New York, USA I9156 Lisa's Genealogy 
11 Bale, John R.  3 February 1826New York, USA I9283 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
12 Bale, Nicholas Nathanial  6 May 1791New York, USA I9087 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
13 Bale, Wilson  about 1829New York, USA I9275 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
14 Balle, Sophronia  10 December 1824New York, USA I9004 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
15 Browning, Louise Eliza  25 February 1838New York, USA I984 Lisa's Genealogy 
16 Browning, William  New York, USA I9463 Lisa's Genealogy 
17 Burnham, Allen B.  May 1848New York, USA I11931 Lisa's Genealogy 
18 Carl, Fred N  about 1895New York, USA I8995 Lisa's Genealogy 
19 Church, Hannah  November 1820New York, USA I8962 Lisa's Genealogy 
20 Churchill, Asa A.  June 1835New York, USA I7677 Lisa's Genealogy 
21 Clark, Lewis  about 1802New York, USA I11677 Lisa's Genealogy 
22 Codney, Adelaide “Clara”  11 January 1884New York, USA I4660 Lisa's Genealogy 
23 Corrington, Joseph  about 1805New York, USA I9158 Lisa's Genealogy 
24 Davis, Caroline C.  June 1842New York, USA I9157 Lisa's Genealogy 
25 Davis, Mary  about 1808New York, USA I8954 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
26 Dolbee, Jaboz  about 1826New York, USA I76 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
27 Dolbee, John  about 1785New York, USA I73 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
28 Dolbee, Lorenzo Don  16 March 1827New York, USA I405 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
29 Dolbee, Mary  about 1836New York, USA I75 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
30 Fiddler, Lottie  about 1898New York, USA I9264 Lisa's Genealogy 
31 Fuller, Sarah  about 1821New York, USA I8968 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
32 Gilson, George Franklin  about 1850New York, USA I8868 Lisa's Genealogy 
33 Gutchers, Catherine  about 1806New York, USA I9140 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
34 Haas, Harry  about 1889New York, USA I4653 Lisa's Genealogy 
35 Hagle, Abigail  10 August 1816New York, USA I78 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
36 Haines  New York, USA I9736 Lisa's Genealogy 
37 Haines, Marintha  7 October 1831New York, USA I9733 Lisa's Genealogy 
38 Hart, Julia A.  about 1814New York, USA I8843 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
39 Hawkins, Elany  January 1802New York, USA I9148 Lisa's Genealogy 
40 Hoffman, Margaret  6 September 1796New York, USA I8833 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
41 Hopkins, Rhoda  about 1796New York, USA I9134 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
42 Hubbard, Stephen  New York, USA I9738 Lisa's Genealogy 
43 Huts, Jane /Halse/Hully/Hulce  about 1801New York, USA I32 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
44 Johnson, Harriett  New York, USA I4931 Lisa's Genealogy 
45 Jones, Juniah  New York, USA I8821 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
46 Kellogg, Adelaide  January 1850New York, USA I9008 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
47 Kent, George A.  about 1831New York, USA I9136 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
48 Kent, John L.  about 1835New York, USA I9130 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
49 Kent, Mary E.  about 1825New York, USA I339 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
50 Noble, Florence Waive  about 1901New York, USA I10717 Lisa's Genealogy 
51 Painchaud, Augustus François  1846New York, USA I5085 Lisa's Genealogy 
52 Phelps, Charity Ann  4 October 1839New York, USA I9116 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
53 Phelps, Clarissa  about 1834New York, USA I9142 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
54 Phelps, Ellen  about 1844New York, USA I9144 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
55 Phelps, Samuel  about 1836New York, USA I9143 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
56 Price, Francis “Fanny”  about 1808New York, USA I9006 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
57 Pruden, Hugh E.  about 1833New York, USA I35 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
58 Pruden, Hulse L.  August 1833New York, USA I36 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
59 Pruden, Hulse/Boyce  New York, USA I31 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
60 Pruden, John Boyce  about 1837New York, USA I34 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
61 Pruden, Louise  December 1823New York, USA I9326 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
62 Pruden, Peter W.  about 1827New York, USA I33 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
63 Pruden, Smith  about 1823New York, USA I38 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
64 Rapp, Ralph  about 1905New York, USA I9672 Lisa's Genealogy 
65 Richards, Allen  about 1865New York, USA I9459 Lisa's Genealogy 
66 Richards, Daniel  1836New York, USA I985 Lisa's Genealogy 
67 Richards, Spencer  about 1867New York, USA I9461 Lisa's Genealogy 
68 Skinner, Edwin  New York, USA I4929 Lisa's Genealogy 
69 Smith, Johanna  1810New York, USA I11678 Lisa's Genealogy 
70 Snow, Maria  1831New York, USA I9019 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
71 Stannard, Henry Bakerman  23 March 1799New York, USA I8832 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
72 Straunts, Lucinda  about 1815New York, USA I9067 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
73 Thomas, George Wellin  6 February 1849New York, USA I8378 Lisa's Genealogy 
74 Thomas, John  about 1838New York, USA I9151 Lisa's Genealogy 
75 Thomas, Leonard S.  about 1847New York, USA I8934 Lisa's Genealogy 
76 Thomas, Lucinda  22 March 1828New York, USA I9150 Lisa's Genealogy 
77 Thomas, Mabel R.  March 1829New York, USA I9149 Lisa's Genealogy 
78 Thomas, Martha  7 July 1844New York, USA I9153 Lisa's Genealogy 
79 Thomas, Newell W.  August 1841New York, USA I9152 Lisa's Genealogy 
80 Thomas, Phoebe J.  about 1844New York, USA I8376 Lisa's Genealogy 
81 Thomas, Soprona Leonard  about 1847New York, USA I8377 Lisa's Genealogy 
82 Vandenberg, Catharine  about 1845New York, USA I9375 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
83 Vandenberg, George  about 1820New York, USA I9370 Lisa's Genealogy 
84 Vandenberg, George  about 1820New York, USA I8967 Angus Saline's Genealogy 
85 Vandenberg, Mary S.  about 1846New York, USA I9374 Angus Saline's Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Painchaud, Louis Philippe  4 August 1872New York, USA I4254 Lisa's Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Toensing, Ernst Frederich  July 1871New York, USA I4713 Lisa's Genealogy 


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   Family/Spouse    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Kellogg / Price  New York, USA F6264 Angus Saline's Genealogy 

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